• Aunt Beth: My BFF, who ended up marrying my uncle (brother of Concha).  She is the one who got me into my day job.  And it was hilarious to have everyone call my friend “Aunt Beth”.
  • Aunt Char: My mother’s oldest sister, I was born on her birthday.  Which makes me the best birthday present ever.  She was also my first craft enabler


  • Barb: Knitting group friend


  • Chiqui: My youngest brother.  He and I share the same dad, but his mom was Concha.  Chiqui is short for Chiquito (which means “little” in Spanish).  He has many other names, and some of them are even printable! But, for these purposes, he is Chiqui.
  • Concha: My stepmom.  She was my dad’s second wife, and Chiqui’s mom.  Although she and my dad divorced some time ago, she was still my stepmom.  She passed away at the end of 2017.


  • Day Job: The hell, purgatory, job I go to to pay for my crafting needs.
  • DeAnna: Long time friend, co-founder of our knitting group.
  • Dear Reader: Why, that’s you!!


  • Grandma Bonnie: My maternal grandmother. She lived an hour away from me when I was growing up.


  • L: See “Lorri”
  • Lorri: Long time knitting friend
  • Life after work: Lorri’s blog.  Check it out


  • Margot: pronounced “Mar git” not “Margo”, it’s a German name, rather than French.  She is my mother’s youngest sister, just 9 years older than I, and lives too far away
  • Maria: Coworker from when I worked in a call center.  Taught me to knit.
  • Mo: My younger brother.  My only sibling who shares both my mother and my father.


  • O: My niece.  Mo’s daughter.


  • Pam: Friend from Washington, and instigator of shenanigans.
  • Poopie: My husband. He’ll feature often, I’m sure.


  • Red Heart: A brand of yarn which has, historically, been very cheap.  When used alone, it often is shorthand for terrible acrylic, worsted weight yarn.  That being said, the Red Heart of years past is NOT the same as what Red Heart puts out now.  Today’s yarn is much nicer to work with, and still retains the durableness of years past.  You may often find people speaking disparagingly of Red Heart.  These people are snobs.  Even when I am teasing on Red Heart, I’m being a snob.


  • Thing 1: Oldest stepdaughter.  Currently in college.
  • Thing 2: Youngest stepdaughter.  Currently living life.


  • Velveteen Rabbit: Shame on you!!! I can’t believe you don’t know what/who this is!!!! Stop everything you are doing and go to your library and check out The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.  I’ll still be here when you get back.